November 6, 2011 Mini-Con Minutes


NeDiv Council Meeting – November  3, 2011

Convened at Holiday Inn Express – Saratoga Springs, NY, Hosted by the Northeast Division, Chaired by the Chairman, Northeast Division Council:  Tom Campbell

Meeting was called to order at 9:00 am.
The power was out throughout the hotel so the meeting was abbreviated.  The minutes contain some additional information that was not talked about during the meeting.

Welcome and Introductions:
Tom Campbell – Chairman
A.G. Robbins – Treasurer
Sandy Sanders – Secretary
Phil Henderson – Member at Large
Dave Panas – Member at Large

Introduction of a new NE Region – Allegany Heights

Roll Call of the Regions:
Regions in attendance –Allegany Heights, Finger Lakes, Glen, Mahoning Valley, Misery Bay, Mohawk Hudson, New England, New York, Northeastern Pennsylvania, Northern New Jersey, Philadelphia, South Jersey,  Steel Cities, Washington DC, Western New York.
Regions not in attendance – Blue Mountain, Central New York,  Central Pennsylvania, Southern New York, Susquehanna

Minutes from Mini Con:
Approve the Minutes of the March 6, 2011 – Approved Unanimous

Treasurers Report-A.G. Robbins
See attached PDF for A.G.’s complete report that was not given due to the power issues.

Program Reports:
Donna McDonough
Schedule has been updated, will be emailed and posted on the website after it is sent to National.

National Racing Committee  Chris Mosley –
2012 8 national race weekends
1 double at Nelson
Bonus nationals recommended to be added to single nationals.  Working on improving the NeDiv National program, need to build it up and promote the series.

Motion to approve the double at Nelson and to add bonus nationals to the single nationals in 2012.  George Bloeser / Mark Gerstein 2nd - Approved

Old Business

Improving Meetings –
The Inn at Pocono Manor  is the location for the March 2012 Roundtable – March 16-18 Room rates $105 Single / $115 Double includes Breakfast and Taxes.  Still $25 for Saturday training includes lunch.
Information will be on the Website in January with Registration through MSR opening in early February.  There will also be alternative accommodations listed.

Host for November Mini Cons
2012- Ithaca Ramada– Glen Region November 8-10, 2012 Room rate $99.95 includes breakfast
2013 - NER

Election of Council
Chairman – Tom Campbell
Treasurer – A.G. Robbins
Secretary – Sandy Sanders
Member at Large – Bill Stewart
Member at Large – Walt Huber
Regalia – Phil Henderson
Motion to Approve the Council as presented Barry Kaplan / Jack Hanifan 2nd Approved

9:50 move to Adjourn – Barry Kaplan, Peter Roberts 2nd – Approved