2023 NEDRRC Schedule / Standings


Standings will be uploaded to the following link. Visit here to get the latest standings.


Event Date Region Track Event Name Results
5/6-7/2023 NER NHMS NEDRRC R1 NEDRRC R1 Results can be found on NER Site
5/27-28/2023 SJR NJMP-L NEDRRC R2 Results
6/17-18/2023 SJR Lime Rock NEDRRC R3 NEDRRC R3 Results can be found on NER Site
7/1-2/2023 GLEN Watkins Glen NEDRRC R3 Results
7/22-23/2023 WDC Summit Point NEDRRC R4 Results
8/26-27/2023 STC PIRC NEDRRC R5 Results
9/16-17/2023 FLR Watkins Glen NEDRRC R7 Results
10/13-14/2023 NER Thompson NEDRRC R8 Results