NEDiv Regional Class Rules

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NEDiv Divisional Championship Class Rules

Club Ford (Class designation CF). These are older Formula Fords with age and preparation restrictions. 

Showroom Stock Miata (Class designation SSM). (This is the same as the DC rules) These cars are NA Miatas (1990-1997) prepared to a more restrictive specification. It was conceived as an entry-level Regional class with emphasis on simplicity, equality and low cost.

Improved Touring Enduro (Class designation ITE). The purpose of the ITE class is to allow vehicles from other professional race series, Pro-Rally, Showroom Stock (those not otherwise eligible for IT or SS) and equivalent marque club classes to compete at a regional level.

Spec E-30 The SpecE30 Series is a competitive, fun, safe, affordable racing series, focused on road racing with limited modifications and specified required components. The series showcases the driver's skills and the specified required components manufacturers, distributors, and dealers.

Spec Miata 2 (Class designation SM2). These are NA Miatas (1990-1997) prepared to the current SM specifications.

Spec Miata Tire (Class designation SMT). SMT includes Spec Miatas prepared to the SM specifications in the current GCR using a wider range of permitted tires. The spec tires for SMT are the Toyo RA-1, Toyo R888, Toyo RR, Hoosier SM6 and Hoosier SM7 - 205-50-15, shaved or unshaved. Hoosier H2O rain tires are permitted, if conditions warrant.

Super Production Under (Class designation SPU). SPU includes all naturally aspirated cars under 2.5 liters prepared to the Super Production specifications in the GCR.

Super Production Over (Class designation SPO). SPO includes all cars prepared to the Super Production specifications in the current GCR which are not eligible for SPU.

Improved Touring 7 (Class designation IT7). IT7 includes all first generation Mazda RX7s prepared to the ITA specifications in the current GCR.

New Jersey Road Racing Series Class Rules

Sports R (Class Designation SR)  These are essentially Sports Renault with mildly updated specifications.

S2000     (Class designations S2, VS2 and HS2).  These classes are based on the 2013 GCR / SRCS for S2000 with classifications from the Vintage Sports 2000 North America based on age and configuration.

LeChump (Class designations LCC1, LCC2 and LCC3).  These classes are based on the current ChumpCar and 24 Hours of LeMons preparation and GCR safety rules.

NARRC Regional Class Rules


WDC Regional Class Rules

Note: The DC Region has adopted the NEDiv rules for ITE and Club Ford.

The following rules can be found on the WDC website, on the  WDC Region Optional Classes page. Please refer to that page if any of the links below do not work.

Bracket IT (aka Sprint Bracket Road Racing)
SSM - Administrative
Spec RX-7
GT Pinto

Club Formula Continental (Class Designation - CFC)

Compliance is the responsibility of the class competitors.

Cars must conform to all specifications and rules applicable to regular Formula Ford 2000 per the current SCCA GCR – with these exceptions.

1. Only Formula Ford 2000 cars homologated prior to 1996 are allowed.

2. Minimum weight limit for 1990 and older cars – 1190 lbs. with driver.

Minimum weight limit for 1991 – 1995 cars – 1225 lbs. with driver.

Racing slicks are free; there are no spec tires.

Rain tires are free; there are no spec rain tires.

Bodywork is free, provided it conforms to GCR specifications for Formula Ford 2000.